The internet can be a very majestic make-believe place if you know how to navigate your way in. And we all know what to expect in a majestic new place, you can easily get lost in it. You can get a lot distracted going from all the available website within our reach. You can go from searching for food, to a website full of kitten, to an article about the latest gadgets, online shops and whatnot. Seeing a whole new dimension of the world and having it within the reach of your fingertips, it’s important that to practice and know how to safely surf the Internet whenever, wherever. And if you have successfully learned that then you can be more productive and you can spend your time wisely!


These below are some tips that Siju George wants you to know so you can keep yourself safe while you surf the internet.


Only shop on trusted websites

If you are scrolling through items online and you notice that the website doesn’t have the “https” mark just like the other websites, then it’s time you exit that site. When shopping online, make sure that site can be trusted before you fill out your card details.

Make your passwords as unique as possible

Make passwords you are sure so far from what is expected of you.  Some like to use their password from their birthday, pet or mother’s name and these are the first guesses of hackers and most of the time they get it right. Go with ones that are not very obvious but are still very easy to remember. Remember to not use the same password for every account that you have online.

Be cautious of scams

Research in your own what are some the ways where scammers can invade your privacy and get anything that they want. What you need to do is if you have learned what they do, you can avoid to be scammed because now you have known all their strategies. Keep your family informed too so they won’t be fooled by evil people online.

Think before you click

If you are curious cat, you can’t help but go to websites that will interest you. Most of the time, these websites will have ads on the side and sometimes they carry viruses that might be healthy for your computer or all your gadgets. Sometimes, they carry messages that might hack your privacy and may be able to spill out all the files that are important to you.

Protect your personal information

All your important files should be backed up online. Once your gadget gets infected with viruses, you might start losing all your files and you will have to reformat it resulting to you resulting all your files to be deleted and reformatted and you cannot afford to do that.

Update your apps

You have make your computer upgraded with new updates.  There are a lot of available new editions online or the app can update itself automatically and you just have to accept its new terms and conditions. Make sure that your computer is regularly scanned for viruses.