You can have the latest gadget but without the apps, it will be useless. Right now, there are a lot of available apps that will make your experience with your gadget more productive. These application range from drawing, messaging, internet surfing, listening, gaming, organizing, note-taking among others. There are literally a lot you can do with your gadget. It is necessary that you keep your gadget updated and regularly checked for viruses and malfunctions. For this concern, Computer Tech San Ramon will be able to help you so you can proceed to the necessary applications you should be downloading now.

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If these apps aren’t installed in your computer yet, you should be downloading them right now!



This app can be a great way to connect with your inner child spirit and get that creative juices going. This can be a great drawing tool with the use of your stylus or just with the good old mouse. Doodling on this app is a perfect way if you want to share your creation to your friends and loved ones in your social media. This app features pencil, pen tool, water colors among others.

Words with Friends

This app is a great way to have fun! It’s a game app where you can create and connect names using the given letter in the screen. Using your mouse to connect the letters, you can score points. You can play it with your friends as opponents. It features a little chat box too where you can talk to your opponents, view word scores, and compare scores. Little kids can play this game, too! Not only you are having a great time with them to bond, you’re also helping them expand their vocabulary!


If you don’t have an app where you can store your files yet, Dropbox is a great way to connect your files online and to widen your storage space. Dropbox can also be a sharing app. If you have photos that you want to share or documents that you think might help the people on the internet, then you can change your setting to public and anyone will be able to download it. But if you don’t want that, you can always change your privacy settings and keep them all private. This app is free for a certain storage space, so if you want more you can pay and subscribe for more.

Adobe Photoshop Express

This app will help you edit and improve the photos you have captured. You can crop, filter, adjust the brightness, and remove red eyes and all the other basic features to edit a photo. Downloading the app is free but if you want to put filter in your photos, you will have to buy their pack of filters. You can also this app as a storage for your files because you can synch it with your account online. You can also share your edited photo instantly via their option share.